Accountancy in Slovakia

If you have a company in Slovakia, then you need to prepare annual financial statements on the activities of the company. Financial reporting, management report, and auditor’s report – we are ready to provide you with all these services for your business.

Bookkeeping solution

Reporting required for filing at the end of the year in the Slovak Republic:

  • Annual balance sheet.
  • Report on all profits and losses.
  • Data on the movement in cash accounts.
  • Information about any changes in the structure of capital and assets.

Please note that issuers of securities traded on stock exchanges outside the Slovak Republic, consolidated market participants, and branches of foreign companies always submit full accounts.

Maintenance of financial accounting and reporting

Professional accounting in the Slovakian jurisdiction is the key to the successful development of any business. Our company takes care of all the issues related to accounting, from the processing of primary documentation to the provision of all necessary reports to the regulatory authorities.

Support for statutory or internal audit

We provide statutory and internal audit service to any organization is one of the important aspects of business activity.

Preparation of annual reports

Every year the company must submit an annual report about their activities. It does not matter if you made a profit or not. Our company provides accounting services for enterprises in Slovakia, which operate in various fields of activity.

Drawing up permanent reports on accounting documents

All organizations in Slovakia are required to prepare financial statements based on synthetic and analytical accounting data. The financial statements are signed by the head and the chief accountant (accountant) of the organization. By law, tax reports are submitted to the regulatory authorities on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Management of company accounts

Management accounting is one of the key factors when discussing business programs, plans, and goals in large organizations. Management accounts are usually built from multiple income statements of the firm. Management reports are usually prepared monthly or quarterly.

HR payroll management

The goal of HR payroll management is to simplify HR management processes and save your time. Payroll and tax calculations are also included in the package.

Bookkeeping for business

Our company provides consultations and highly qualified accounting services, on issues of legislation and taxation. Our company offers full accounting support in Slovakia.

Taxes in Slovakia

One of the reasons why Slovakia is a perfect choice for business formation is a low tax rate is one of the lowest in all of Europe – the standard income tax rate is 21%. Learn taxes and get most of the Slovakian company.

Corporate income tax

One of the main taxes that business entities are required to pay is on the profits of legal entities. Resident enterprises are required to pay a fee to the budget on all profits from their entrepreneurial activities.

Withholding tax

Corporations are taxed only on corporate profits: since 2017, Slovakia has introduced a 7% tax on dividends at the shareholder level, but there are ways to avoid it. Since dividends are usually taxed in the country of residence, a foreign partnership may be the right solution.

Value added tax

Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on the sale of goods and the provision of services. The country's standard rate is 20%, and the reduced rate is 10%. This rate applies to certain types of goods, such as pharmaceuticals and medicine. Some activities (insurance, financial services) are exempt from VAT in Slovakia.

Learn about taxes

Many foreign businessmen choose the Slovak Republic for doing business in Europe, all because taxes in this country are quite low. If you have any questions about taxation in Slovakia, please contact us. Learn about taxation and tax rate in the Slovakian jurisdiction with us.