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Joint-stock company (A.S.) registration

Joint Stock Company (Akciová spoločnosť) is one of the most common types of company in the Slovak Republic. This form of the company offers many advantages, in terms of limited liability (limited to the level of contribution) and regulated access to capital.
The AS is often the legal form of company chosen by large businesses but it can also be used, as the shares in this type of company can be bearer shares and are therefore more easily transferable.


A.S. registration conditions

Registration and management of a company in Slovak take place following the Law on Commercial Companies (the adopted consolidated edition is in force). When registering JS, you should prepare a lot of documents for submitting which is listed below:

  • the identity of the signatories to the deed of incorporation;
  • the form of the company;
    the company name;
  • the purpose of the company;
  • the address of the company’s registered office;
  • the amount of subscribed share capital and, where applicable, the amount of authorized share capital;
  • the amount initially paid into the subscribed share capital;
  • the share classes and their characteristics;
  • whether the shares are registered, bearer or dematerialized shares, and any additional or derogation clause which may override the law;
  • a description of each contribution in kind;
  • the cause and content of special benefits granted upon the company’s formation;
  • where applicable, the number of securities or shares that do not form part of the share capital, and the rights attached thereto;
  • the rules that determine the number of and method of appointing the members of the bodies representing the company concerning third parties, administering, managing, overseeing, or auditing the company; and the rules that determine the distribution of authority among these bodies if it deviates from the law;
  • the duration of the company.

Get started

Register Joint Stock Company (AS) jurisdiction with our professional assistance. Registration of a joint-stock company in the Slovak Republic is a simple and quick procedure. We will do our best to register your company as soon as possible.


The period of registration of the AS Company in the Slovak Republic engagement is approximately 4 weeks. It is consisting of Engagement planning company incorporation, corporate bank account approval, corporate internet banking approval, engagement completion.


Setting up an AS entails certain costs, including:

  • submitting documents to a commercial court
  • notary fees;
  • the cost of publication in the Trade and Companies Register;
  • statutory auditor fees, if a statutory auditor is required;
  • a share capital contribution of at least 25000 EUR;
  • any costs related to the issuance of administrative permits.

Compulsory regulation

If you want to open a joint-stock company in Slovakia, you need to assemble a management team. It should include the following specialists:

  • Directors- These are representatives of the executive committee.
  • Supervisory Board – Supervises the activities of the organization.
  • General Meeting – Directly managing the JSC.


To register a joint-stock company in Slovakia, you need to collect the following documents:

  • Passports of the founder or co-founders;
  • Bank statement with more than 25,000 euros;
  • The general power of attorney;
  • Constituent documents;
  • The legal address of the organization (we can provide the address);
  • Printing;
  • Share certificates.

Consultation about company registration

Our specialists are the best on the market – they have vast experience in this field of activity. We also provide a consultation service for the opening of JS company in Slovakia. We will discuss the possible risks and benefits of opening a JSC. We will also make sure about taxes, fees, and opening a bank account. We are going to provide up-to-date information on any of your questions.


AS is required to submit annual financial statements approved at the AGM. It is also necessary to have an annual audit, which is conducted by an in-house certified auditor. The reporting is submitted to the Register of Trade and Companies no later than 7 months after the end of the financial year period.


One of the reasons why Slovakia is a great choice for business formation is a low tax rate which is one of the lowest in all of Europe – the standard income tax rate is 21%. Learn taxes and get most of the Slovakian company.

Bank account

Opening a corporate bank account in the Slovak Republic is necessary for your main business of the company, for internal expenses, payment for services, and ensuring net income for private entrepreneurs. It is a must to do business in the Slovak Republic. Our company will help you open a local bank account as soon as possible.

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